Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hot Autumn Nights Have Arrived



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What's my idea of a Hot Autumn Night?

Any and all of the above.  Cuddling, caring, tenderness, wherever people connect with love. That's a hot night whether its in the autumn, summer, spring or winter. 

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What is Going On?

You might not be asking yourself that question yet, but by the end of the day mysterious, weird things that will be happening could very well put those words on your tongue.  In which case, you might ask yourself, “how did she know that?”

The answer is in the planets. If you’re not a believer in astrology, you might want to skip this blog.

On the other hand, if over the next few weeks you have deals fall through, finished work disappear so you have to do it over, car breakdowns, computer malfunctions, crappy cell phone service and missed appointments (in that you totally spaced it or went to one place when your friend went to another), you might want to read this. The source of your troubles is a retrograde Mercury. Aha, some of you say, “I should have known.”  But others will ask, “What is a retrograde Mercury?” 

I am not a professional astrologer or even a very good amateur, but I am arrogant enough to  attempt an answer.  Mercury, we all know, is the planet nearest the sun and is also the name of the Roman god of travel and communication.  Astrology attributes the traits of the god to the planets. 

Retrograde means the planet is moving backwards.  Well, not really backwards.  That’s just an illusion having to do with declinations and other technical terms I don’t really understand and expect are of no interest to you.  What I bet you do want to know is why is Mercury screwing around with your life.

It’s nothing personal, it’s just the nature of the behavior.  Things go backwards when Mercury is backwards.  You want A and instead get B.  You’re headed east but somehow end up going west.  Your best laid plans crumble.  Your equipment breaks down, especially things having to do with travel and communication (it’s seldom that your washer breaks down, although it has happened).

Anyway, my guess is you want to know what to do about it.  Well, ta da . . . this is the time to get organized.  The unwanted delays provide windows of time. Waiting for roadside assistance?  Clean out your purse or the glove compartment.  Review your to do list.  Make some past due phone calls.  You’ll find great success and, after all that frustration, some satisfaction in completing these small tasks.

Here are some don’ts and do’s:

•    Don’t start new projects.  You’ll set yourself up for frustration. It’ll be rethink, retry, redo all the way.
•    Don’t make travel plans or commit to major projects.
•    Don’t start a new job or enter a new investment. 
•    Don’t make hiring decisions.
•    Don’t buy equipment, especially electronic devices or cars (communication and travel, remember?)
•    Don’t accept a marriage proposal or initiate a divorce.
•    Don’t sign any contracts.
•    Don’t go on a first date.
•    Do research new purchases or investments.
•    Do cut your friends and family some slack when things get tense.
•    Do look up former loves.  This is a favorable time.  
•    Do go back to places you’ve enjoyed before.  Retrograde Mercury is a great time to revisit the past.
•    Do review your current circumstances.  You may see solutions to long-standing problems.
•    Do research potential career changes or business opportunities.
•    Do put together book proposals. Just don’t send them out yet.
•    Last and most important.  Do be obsessively vigilant about what you do. If a mistake will ever get by you, this is the time.  Check, recheck, double-check, so you can avoid rethinking, retrying, redoing.

The retrograde Mercury will start in Sagittarius and end in Scorpio and those in the education and travel fields or who are getting an education or planning long distance travel should take care to do the three "R's" of retrograde Mercury — Reread, Review, Redo — more diligently than usual because it's your best defense against this unpredictable time.

Writers are guided by the planet Mercury and are often affected more than other people when the planet goes retrograde.  But look at this as a period of rest, a time to tie up loose ends and plan for the future.  Avoid any impulse to charge full speed ahead.  Easier said than done, I know, but you’ll only do it a couple of times before you see the wisdom of this advice.

Oh, and one last thing, something you probably really want to know. This Mercury retrograde ends on November 25, when goes to what is called direct.  So it won’t last forever and that’s a very good thing. The bad news that it will come again around March -- Mercury goes retrograde three times a year.

If you have question, feel free to post.  I'll be popping in for the next few days

Connie Flynn is a bestselling, award-winning author of romantic suspense and paranormal romance. She lives in Arizona and teaches fiction writing at a local community college.

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