Saturday, December 15, 2012

Winner: Hot Autumn Nights Blog Hop . . .

. . . is Sheri V.

I'm a mom of a year old son. I spend a ton of time reading in what spare time I have. I have two cats and love dogs. I spend extra time volunteering with the local Humane Society.
Congratulations,  Sheri,  on winning the $20 Amazon gift card during the Hot Autumn Nights blog hop last month. I hope you spent it on something YOU wanted. A book or two maybe. It's obvious you're a busy mother who still finds time to volunteer and read. I hope to see you at future blog hops.
IGW thanks all of our visitors during the blog hop and promise we'll let you know when the next one hops around.

Your blog hostess,

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  1. Sheri, I dropped in to say what a cute picture that is of you and your puppy. I really hope you indulged yourself with the card.


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