Thursday, February 28, 2013

28 Days (Left) of Free eBooks

Am I on a treadmill?
Book: Chills & Thrills Paranormal Boxed Set

Yesterday's Stats: Free downloads total:  728 Daily downloads 140

Bestseller list rankings:
Free Kindle Store: 725
Mystery Women Sleuths list: #17
Fantasy Paranormal list: #24
Given that the download count for the first day was 479 and that my best rank was 647 in the overall free Kindle store, #17 female sleuths (staying steady) and #18 in fantasy paranormal I'm beginning to slide rather than to grow. 

Before I began the experiment, my wonderful friend K.R. Richards emailed me a huge list of sites that promo free giveaways. I did my best to make good use of the information but it's a huge chunk to take in --- I don't know how Kim even compiled it, she's amazing. To keep it quick, I messed up many of the ones I submitted to by overlooking the confirmation email I was supposed to send back.  That said, I have to add that I have gone free on several books before and have had thousands of downloads without doing anything but announcing it on my social media sites and tweeting regularly.

Click here for Free Download
Of course, this title had no reviews and I went free with it in hopes of gathering at least a couple, but it's harder with boxed sets since there are several stories to be read. I'm tempted to say that the free promo sites don't help, mainly because they are a lot of work, but since I didn't do it right -- and I was promoting a book without reviews -- I know I need to dig in deeper into how these sites work and why.

Tomorrow's story is also one without reviews -- well, it has gotten one review at this writing so it may soon get more and I'm beginning to wonder if this public analysis of my experiment may prove to be somewhat humiliating. Still, you all will forget about it in a couple of weeks and I'll be onto my new experiment. 

In the meantime I just finished tweeting like crazy which is why I'm late with this blog. Let's see if that helps and if I have happier news in the morning. I'll also put up a new title. 


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

29 Days (Left) of Free eBooks

First free day over and the results are 479 free downloads and two paid sales of other titles. My results on the bestseller lists, though, are more impressive: Chills & Thrills Paranormal Boxed Set is now #691 in the free Kindle store, #19 on the Mystery/Female Sleuth list and #23 on the Fantasy Paranormal list.  And rising.

Click for Free Download
While I'm quite pleased about that, I'm aiming for #1 of course, but I also must dampen my excitement by realizing that just a few months back it would have taken a thousand to two thousand downloads to makes those lists.Which is evidence that the free eBook program may be loosing traction.

As I start my second day of my month long free book blitz, I'm feeling confident but I obviously need help if I'm ever going to make #1. Yes, more favors. If you have a twitter account could you post at least one of these tweets? It always helps to have them come from someone besides me.

Here are the tweets:
Need something to read for a long weekend? Chills&Thrills  #Paranormal #BoxedSet #FREE 2/27-2/28 RT

#FREE What's your favorite? #Romance #suspense #paranormal? #BoxedSet @kindleebooks @Kindlestuff  RT

#FREE. Like the unusual? #Werewolves, #phantoms. #Chills&Thrills #BoxedSet 3-in-1 #shortstory @KindleFreeBook RT

A quick mention on your Facebook page with the link ( Chills & Thrills Paranormal Boxed Set ) will also be helpful.

And again, I say thank you, thank you. And I wish I could think of a way to pay you back. Wait, free books, of course. Oh, wait again, I'm already doing that. But I do have two new titles coming out soon. KNOW WHEN TO RUN, a romantic suspense, and THE DRAGON HOUR, a time-travel fantasy.  Leave an email in the comments box and I'll send you one of them in eBook format when they come out.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

30 Days of Free Books

Many of you may have read my blog called Is There Gold in Them There Hills? on Much Cheaper Than Therapy. After writing it I realized I hadn't been using my free days very effectively, in fact most of them expire at the end of March and I haven't used any of them.

So . . . in keeping with my conclusion that this is a period of uncertainty and we should very definitely experiment and see what works for us, I decided to offer a free book every day until the river ran dry.

Beginning tomorrow February 26, I launch this program with my newly compiled Chills & Thrills Paranormal Boxed Set - 2 Connie Flynn novels and 1 K.C. Flynn short story. This book has suffered from neglect. It's had no promotion and has no reviews. There are reviews for the individual stories but none for the collection as a whole. And having no reviews is pretty much a bad thing in the Kindle world since our sales mostly happen by word of mouth.

Murder at the Toadstool Cafe will go free on March 1 through March 3. It hasn't received any promotion either and also has no reviews. I depended too much on the popularity of There's a Dead Elf in Santa's Workshop and didn't publicize this second Derek Shriver short story. So here I am with two of my stories totally invisible in the Kindle World so I decided to do something out of the ordinary..

This is my experiment.  First, I want to see if going free will bring these stories up in the Amazon rankings where people see them more often. Second I want to see if this gets the books reviewed. But just to stack the deck in my favor, I'd like to make a pretty bold request. If you read and enjoy these books -- I do realize that many free downloads don't get read -- may I ask you to please post a brief review sharing your opinion of the books.  If you stay with me through the entire marathon giveaway, you'll soon notice that most of the other books do have reviews, but it you'd like to share on those book pages, too, I say thank you very much.

As if that isn't enough, can I also impose on your to share this announcement blog to those of your friends and family that you think will enjoy my kind of books?  And again I say thanks.

Which is where I'm ending today's blog. I will be notifying you as each book goes free and also keep you up on my sales stats and my review count and will use whatever I learn to add more value to my Is There Gold blogs. It's my hope that you stick with me to the end but I do understand if you're devoted to your real life. I appreciate all you readers and supporters so much and know that whatever success I have had comes from you. So here once more is another thanks and still they aren't enough.

Happy reading,

Monday, February 18, 2013

Meet & Greet K.R. Richards

An Author Spotlight
by Connie Flynn 

K. R. Richards is the Author of the Lords of Avalon Series, an adventurous, sexy, romantic, humorous romp through nineteenth century Glastonbury and other locations in South West England.  The Lords of Avalon are members of the Avalon Society, a historical and paranormal society; so the series also includes some paranormal elements. Did I mention the Lords of Avalon are referred to as the Lusty Lords of Avalon by the Ton. (They are!) K. R.  likes to call them Alpha Geeks, because they are scholars who are highly intelligent, but oh so hot and sexy!  People ask K. R. all of the time what her series is about.  Instead of saying, “Well, it’s complicated…” she generally says, “It’s Jane Austen meets Indiana Jones, Da Vinci Code and Sherlock Holmes. Sort of.”

Having studied and taught in the psychic development arena for years, K. R. set out to combine her love of the Spiritual realm and mystic studies with her love of history and the Romance genre.  The Lords of Avalon series was born.
K. R.’s other interest include archaeology, genealogy, reading, Yoga, Pilates, antiques, music and Johnny Depp (K. R. is a Co-Admin on two JD fan pages that are highly respected in Deppland!) She is an avid and serious collector of crystals, gemstones and minerals. K. R. currently lives in Mississippi though she calls Arizona home, and plans to someday return to her beloved desert!        

I have a favorite query for spotlighted authors new to Much Cheaper Than Therapy:  What question has no one ever asked you that you wish they would? K.R. answered:

No one has ever asked me how I go about naming my main characters. Over the years I’ve learned a lot about the etymology and origin of names, and have something of a collection of names.  Since I write historical romance, it’s important to me that I find names that could have been used during the time period I’m working in. I visit genealogy sites for the area and time frame my characters were born for both first and last names. I have a vague idea of who the character is, but they don’t become real to me until they are named. The naming process is very important to me. I want their name and/or titles to convey something of their personality.  For me, once the character has their very well thought out name, they spring to life.  Then the fun begins.  

About Her Books:

Book 1 in the Lords of Avalon Series   
 Lady Rowena Locke seeks permission from Harry Bellingham, the new Lord Glaston to search for treasure hidden on Glastonbury Abbey grounds.  Glaston is the head of the renowned Avalon Society, an historical society which pursues myths, legends, ancient treasures and the paranormal.

To her surprise, not only is Harry interested in the treasure hidden by the last Abbot of Glastonbury before the dissolution of the Abbey; he is also interested in Rowena.  Her vow to never marry is severely tested upon meeting Lord Glaston.

When Harry and the Avalon Society members step in to assist Rowena and her aunt on their quest, dangerous and mysterious men in brown coats and hats appear in Glastonbury also searching for the lost Abbey treasure.  It’s a race against time as the mysterious ‘Brown Coats’ seem to be always a step ahead of them. Their quest becomes more dangerous as they find more clues, treasures, letters and holy secrets while trying to protect their finds from the enemy.

Will they discover who the ‘Brown Coats’ are and why they are after the treasures?  Can Harry convince marriage wary Rowena to trust in love and marry him?  AVAILABLE THRU AMAZON

Book 2 in the Lords of Avalon Series

Through no fault of their own, Avalon Society member, Micah Wychcombe, Viscount Wincanton, and Lady Elizabeth “Libby” Darrington find themselves in a compromising situation.  Micah offers for Libby out of gentlemanly duty and honor.

In another situation involving honor, fellow Avalon Society member, Lyon Ravenscroft, the Earl of Amesbury, must offer for Miss Sophia Hart.

Meanwhile, the Avalon Society realizes they are once again being pursued by the mysterious brown-coated men who plagued them recently in Glastonbury.  It becomes clear the Brown Coats are after their recent finds and acquisitions, the Glastonbury Sapphire, the Holy cruets brought to Glastonbury by Joseph of Arimathea, and five ancient Greek and Aramaic scrolls which were hidden by Glastonbury’s last Abbot, Richard Whiting, before the Abbey was destroyed in 1539. The Brown Coat numbers increase and their attacks become vicious.  Soon, the Avalon Society members realize the leaders of the brown-coated army are anonymous heads of an Order of powerful men in prominent positions. 

When their loved ones and families are targeted, the Avalon Society must join forces with the Crown to discover the identities and destroy their enemies. Can they discover the identities of the leaders and stop the Order’s attacks?  Will Micah and Libby, and Lyon and Sophia, find happiness in their new circumstances?
The First Lords of Avalon Novella, Lord Greyton’s Fall From Grace, was released on Amazon Kindle in October 2012.  It is the back story of Owen and Grace who are introduced in Lords of Honor. AVAILABLE THRU AMAZON

Facebook Page
Amazon Author Page
Goodreads Author Page
Blog address

 Available on Amazon Kindle in February 2013.
Book 3 in the Lords of Avalon Series, Lords of Retribution,

Book 4, Lords of Atonement
will be out in Fall, 2013.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Are You Going to TFOB?

To what? you may ask. Well, the Tucson Festival of Books, of course.

It's happening the weekend of March 9th and 10th at UA Tucson. Hundreds of authors from around the country (and even the world) --- R.L.Stine, Diana Gabaldon, J.A. Jance, and Jodi Picoult among others -- will be presenting free writers workshops and signing books.  I will be there March 9th to participate in a panel with Superromance author Linda Style on the ever-nervewracking subject of self-editing.

Also, off and on throughout the day I will be assisting at the Desert Sleuth Chapter of Sister in Crime's book so stop by and say hello.

Meanwhile, check out this link for more details about the festival.

Friday, February 8, 2013

FREE Mystery Writing Workshops


February 9, 2013 – 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

The SinC Desert Sleuths Chapter 3rd Annual Mystery Writers Workshop

NUTS & BOLTS: Fine-Tuning Your Mystery for Publication Scottsdale Civic Center Library - 3839 North Drinkwater Boulevard, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Gain expertise in creating the can't-put-it-down mystery thriller! This is a FREE event sponsored by the Scottsdale Public Library and the Sisters in Crime Desert Sleuths Chapter. For more detailed information contact

Featuring workshops by Desert Sleuths members:

10:00-10:45     “Plots that Kill”          
Presenter:  Kate Herbert

11:00-11:45 “Writer’s Voice”          
Presenter:  Nancy McCurry

12:00-12:45   “Creating Memorable Characters”                      
Presenter:  Kris Neri

1:00-1:45   “Scene of the Crime”
Presenter: Connie Flynn

2:00-2:45   Getting Your Cop Facts Straight”          
Presenter:  Isabella Maldonado

3:00-3:45   “First Lines, Queries, and Synopses”
Presenters: Deborah Ledford and Pascal Marco

Tell Your Friends! Our speakers are published and the fee is $0.00. What better way for a writer to spend a Saturday?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday Tidbit: King Richard III Found in Parking Lot

In an unexpected announcement that both startled and brought a grin to the lips, scientists revealed that they had dug up the remains of the infamous King Richard the Third from a parking lot in Leicester, England.

Vilified by Shakespeare, some historians say Richard was actually a progressive ruler who instituted many reforms including the right to bail and the lifting of restrictions on books and printing presses, but his reputation was thoroughly trashed by the kings that seceded him.

Make me wonder if George R.R. Martin didn't use Richard as a model for "The Imp," Tyrion Lannister, who is much beloved by viewers of The Game of Thrones series. The books themselves are currently my favorite reading and I find the disfigured Tyrion one of Martin's most complex and fascinating characters. 

What do you think?  Lots of similarities to Richard III in Martin's work?  Many of you are much more knowledgeable about English history than I am and I'd love to hear your take on this discovery.

If you want to know more about this fascinating discovery, go to this link. There's even a slide show about the various steps of the dig. Read more:

A wolf biologist races through the worst snowstorm in Arizona history to defend a suspected pack of killer wolves but ends up in the hands of a recluse who both terrifies and thrills her. She is the key to his destiny but he must win her love to release him from his certain and terrible fate.
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Happy Tuesday!