Thursday, February 28, 2013

28 Days (Left) of Free eBooks

Am I on a treadmill?
Book: Chills & Thrills Paranormal Boxed Set

Yesterday's Stats: Free downloads total:  728 Daily downloads 140

Bestseller list rankings:
Free Kindle Store: 725
Mystery Women Sleuths list: #17
Fantasy Paranormal list: #24
Given that the download count for the first day was 479 and that my best rank was 647 in the overall free Kindle store, #17 female sleuths (staying steady) and #18 in fantasy paranormal I'm beginning to slide rather than to grow. 

Before I began the experiment, my wonderful friend K.R. Richards emailed me a huge list of sites that promo free giveaways. I did my best to make good use of the information but it's a huge chunk to take in --- I don't know how Kim even compiled it, she's amazing. To keep it quick, I messed up many of the ones I submitted to by overlooking the confirmation email I was supposed to send back.  That said, I have to add that I have gone free on several books before and have had thousands of downloads without doing anything but announcing it on my social media sites and tweeting regularly.

Click here for Free Download
Of course, this title had no reviews and I went free with it in hopes of gathering at least a couple, but it's harder with boxed sets since there are several stories to be read. I'm tempted to say that the free promo sites don't help, mainly because they are a lot of work, but since I didn't do it right -- and I was promoting a book without reviews -- I know I need to dig in deeper into how these sites work and why.

Tomorrow's story is also one without reviews -- well, it has gotten one review at this writing so it may soon get more and I'm beginning to wonder if this public analysis of my experiment may prove to be somewhat humiliating. Still, you all will forget about it in a couple of weeks and I'll be onto my new experiment. 

In the meantime I just finished tweeting like crazy which is why I'm late with this blog. Let's see if that helps and if I have happier news in the morning. I'll also put up a new title. 


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