Wednesday, February 27, 2013

29 Days (Left) of Free eBooks

First free day over and the results are 479 free downloads and two paid sales of other titles. My results on the bestseller lists, though, are more impressive: Chills & Thrills Paranormal Boxed Set is now #691 in the free Kindle store, #19 on the Mystery/Female Sleuth list and #23 on the Fantasy Paranormal list.  And rising.

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While I'm quite pleased about that, I'm aiming for #1 of course, but I also must dampen my excitement by realizing that just a few months back it would have taken a thousand to two thousand downloads to makes those lists.Which is evidence that the free eBook program may be loosing traction.

As I start my second day of my month long free book blitz, I'm feeling confident but I obviously need help if I'm ever going to make #1. Yes, more favors. If you have a twitter account could you post at least one of these tweets? It always helps to have them come from someone besides me.

Here are the tweets:
Need something to read for a long weekend? Chills&Thrills  #Paranormal #BoxedSet #FREE 2/27-2/28 RT

#FREE What's your favorite? #Romance #suspense #paranormal? #BoxedSet @kindleebooks @Kindlestuff  RT

#FREE. Like the unusual? #Werewolves, #phantoms. #Chills&Thrills #BoxedSet 3-in-1 #shortstory @KindleFreeBook RT

A quick mention on your Facebook page with the link ( Chills & Thrills Paranormal Boxed Set ) will also be helpful.

And again, I say thank you, thank you. And I wish I could think of a way to pay you back. Wait, free books, of course. Oh, wait again, I'm already doing that. But I do have two new titles coming out soon. KNOW WHEN TO RUN, a romantic suspense, and THE DRAGON HOUR, a time-travel fantasy.  Leave an email in the comments box and I'll send you one of them in eBook format when they come out.


  1. Posted on FB and Tweeted. Go, Connie!

  2. Thanks, Susan. It's proving to be a lot more work than I thought and it's only going on the 3rd day. Hope you follow me to see if it's worth it.


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