Tuesday, February 26, 2013

30 Days of Free Books

Many of you may have read my blog called Is There Gold in Them There Hills? on Much Cheaper Than Therapy. After writing it I realized I hadn't been using my free days very effectively, in fact most of them expire at the end of March and I haven't used any of them.

So . . . in keeping with my conclusion that this is a period of uncertainty and we should very definitely experiment and see what works for us, I decided to offer a free book every day until the river ran dry.

Beginning tomorrow February 26, I launch this program with my newly compiled Chills & Thrills Paranormal Boxed Set - 2 Connie Flynn novels and 1 K.C. Flynn short story. This book has suffered from neglect. It's had no promotion and has no reviews. There are reviews for the individual stories but none for the collection as a whole. And having no reviews is pretty much a bad thing in the Kindle world since our sales mostly happen by word of mouth.

Murder at the Toadstool Cafe will go free on March 1 through March 3. It hasn't received any promotion either and also has no reviews. I depended too much on the popularity of There's a Dead Elf in Santa's Workshop and didn't publicize this second Derek Shriver short story. So here I am with two of my stories totally invisible in the Kindle World so I decided to do something out of the ordinary..

This is my experiment.  First, I want to see if going free will bring these stories up in the Amazon rankings where people see them more often. Second I want to see if this gets the books reviewed. But just to stack the deck in my favor, I'd like to make a pretty bold request. If you read and enjoy these books -- I do realize that many free downloads don't get read -- may I ask you to please post a brief review sharing your opinion of the books.  If you stay with me through the entire marathon giveaway, you'll soon notice that most of the other books do have reviews, but it you'd like to share on those book pages, too, I say thank you very much.

As if that isn't enough, can I also impose on your to share this announcement blog to those of your friends and family that you think will enjoy my kind of books?  And again I say thanks.

Which is where I'm ending today's blog. I will be notifying you as each book goes free and also keep you up on my sales stats and my review count and will use whatever I learn to add more value to my Is There Gold blogs. It's my hope that you stick with me to the end but I do understand if you're devoted to your real life. I appreciate all you readers and supporters so much and know that whatever success I have had comes from you. So here once more is another thanks and still they aren't enough.

Happy reading,

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