Friday, March 8, 2013

18 Days (Left) of Free Books


3 Day Total: Free downloads:  1291 with impressive triple digit downloads in the UK and Germany.

Bestseller list rankings:
Highest Rank in Free Kindle Store: #239 on day 2
Highest Rank in Horror/Occult #3 on day 2
Highest Slot on Romance/Fantasy #4 on day 2
I'm reasonably pleased by these results. I would, of course, have preferred to have made the top 100 in the Free Kindle Store and #1 on both lists, but this is worth the effort. Even more, I was please that my non-free books were also selling during this free promotion, which doesn't happen so much.

A factoid I'll take with me from this experiment is that the second day seems to get the biggest hits. Day one is obviously for building momentum but the third day free hasn't added downloads at the same level as the first two days. Since the Kindle free program gives us 5 days and 2 days seems to generate the most activity, we should schedule two 2-day promotion a quarter. But what do we do with that single 5th day? I'm pondering.

Another factoid is that I now have no doubt that reviews do make a huge difference. The Fire Opal has 12 reviews with an average 4.2 star rating while both of the former offerings had no reviews and the downloads were considerably lower. Perhaps confirming my theory that the "free" giveaways are losing their cachet and free buyers are getting pickier. What do you think? If you have a theory or opinion I invite you to post it in the comments section.

And now, the current free book which remains free through tomorrow . . . OLD BONES, a short story.

Click for Free Download
a terrifying romp through Chicago's Museum of Natural History
All she wanted was a beautiful remodeled home, but when digging brings up a skull of unknown origin and her rebuild is put on hold, she finds herself racing for her life inside the museum with no idea who or what was chasing her.


Other K.C. Flynn stories available at Connie

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