Monday, March 4, 2013

24 Days (Left) of Free Books

Yesterday was the last free day for Murder at the Toadstool Cafe. 

Its best rank in the Kindle Free Store  never made it below one thousand like I predicted on my last post. Although it failed to top the 1226 rank, the bestseller lists still hit some impressive numbers: #2 in Men's Adventure; #28 in Women Sleuths.

The Paranormal Boxed Set did better overall. Of course it was a set of two novels and a short story, where Toadstool is a stand-alone short story. But I was even more pleased to see that the free days have kicked up the sales on the set, which was doing pretty poorly. Goes to show that you can't just put a book up there without promo anymore and expect readers to eventually find you.   

This is indeed a learning process which I think I'm probably enjoying more than those of you who are reading this blog.  So let me present your award for sticking with me.
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  • A runaway teenager returns to the Cajun roots she fled in terror to attend her mother's funeral and learns that some destinies cannot be escaped.
  • A bounty hunter goes back to the swamps in search of his brother's killer and discovers the girl he thought was dead is now a full-grown woman who never gave him a second thought after she ran away.
  • Le phantom noir, the dark entity who killed her mother and grandmother, resides in the swamp. Her father is in pursuit, intent on getting the fire opal back, their only chance of defeating this evil. 
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Since this is a month of my total immersion into the mysteries of the eBook Indie publishing world, I'll be writing part 2 of my series Is There Gold in Them There Hills? which is about whether it's possible to make a generous living from eBook publishing. I'll be examining the methods, the effort required, the rewards, and possibly ways to augment income by writing for other sources. Part 2 will be published on the blog Much Cheaper Than Therapy this coming Tuesday, March 5. To read Part 1, scroll down to the next blog.  I'm repeating it here so you can catch up.if you want.

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