Saturday, March 2, 2013

26 Days (Left) of Free eBooks

The short story Murder at the Toadstool Cafe will be free for today and tomorrow.

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A hunt of amusement parks as the perfect venue for a wedding ends up at Faerie World and is interrupted by a fatal shooting.  Not only are the loving couple's wedding plans shattered, they get arrested for the crime. But that's totally crazy. Any fool can see the pixies did it.
Yesterday was its first day and the rankings are making me proud. At 1226 it's prepared to break the top one thousand barrier of the entire Kindle list. And it's on two bestseller lists.

#6 in Men's Adventure; #24 in Women Sleuths.

It's a short story, around 20 pages, so if you get a chance to download and read would you mind stopping by the Amazon page and write a quick review.

Here's a little snippet from Toadstool Cafe:

"Seven states, Derek. Seven. Sixteen venues, three months of searching for just the right place." Clara pulled our car out of the park onto a narrow public road that led to Faerie World, or in our case, away. "We can't discard perfection without a backward glance."
     "I understand, sweetheart, and I was on your side until the murder. I'm telling you there's something wonky going on in the land of the magical and it ain't Puff the Magic Dragon. We can come back after it's all settled."
     "Postpone our wedding?" she wailed. "Oh, Derek, that breaks my heart."
     "Then let's stop in Vegas on the way home. I have a friend who's an Elvis impersonator and a minister. We can have a classic Graceland wedding."
     "Why do you always joke?" Stiff anger replaced her tears and she stared straight forward. "I want Faerie World and you know it. So don't even talk to me."
     Clara has shorter legs than me and I'd been leaning forward to see her face. Now I flopped back, feeling as pissed as she did. For one thing, I wasn't joking about Vegas. Plus, the way she acted, you'd think I'd murdered the tax man myself. Still fuming, I happened to glance in the rearview mirror. The reflection of flashing lights did nothing to lift my mood.
     "Sweetheart," I muttered, "It looks like you're getting your wish."

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