Monday, April 1, 2013

0 Days (Left) of Free eBooks


The 30 Days of Free eBooks blitz is now complete. The event actually ended March 27th and was wrapped up with the Bootcamp for Novelists Basic Training Manual that I co-authored with my friend and business partner, Linda Style. Since the eBook blitz process was an experiment and the Manual is just kind of bipping along without much fanfare, yet somehow manages to sell some copies, I did almost no tweeting on this book for the first two days. (For readers who are just chiming into this project, I had a novel, a boxed set, and three short stories with accumulated free days that were going to expire at the end of March, spurring me to run a free eBook blitz). Anyway, back to the tweets.The third and final day I set up hourly tweets.

The free downloads more than doubled in that one day. And the lack of tweets the two previous days dragged the overall daily number down by 8 books, indicating that failure to tweet can actually hurt. And when I put the book back to retail price offer, the manual sold about three times more than usual. My conclusion? Tweeting sells books and drives traffic to websites and blogs. My monthly blog at Much Cheaper Than Therapy is the Part III of the Is There Gold in Them There Hills? series. The topic will focus of using Twitter and other forms of self-promotion.

So the full results.

Total Free Downloads Over 30 Days: 

6368 or 212 eBooks per day

By Title: 

Chills & Thrills Box Set:  1104 downloads
Murder at the Toadstool Café: 816 downloads
The Fire Opal: 3128 downloads
Old Bones: 652 downloads
Dead Elf in Santa's Workshop: 254 downloads.
Bootcamp for Novelists Basic Training Manual: 414 downloads.

I did learn a few things. First, as I already complained, I learned there are so many sites where you can post notice of your free and cheap books that when you first jump in it's almost impossible to manage. I was looking forward to (dreading) sorting it all out when I got my second lesson. I learned that everything changes fast.  Five days ago I knew what I had to do regarding the free promotion sites, but Amazon has once again impacted the playing field and this is going to change everything. For good or bad, I'm not sure, because the terminology of the announcement is open-ended enough that I'm not sure how the change will be applied, but essentially it says that websites that primarily advertise free books will not  be eligible for any advertising fees for that month within the Amazon Associates Program.

One result already of this policy shift is that many of the websites that feature free books will stop doing that and a for-charge business to promote free books seems to be cropping up.

I also learned that authors should not rely entirely on Amazon for book sales. The KDP free promotion was a life raft for many authors who were floundering to be discovered in Amazon's vast book world. Currently it is still the foundation. But there are other places to sell and other search engines besides the one in Amazon, Our own websites and blogs can become a place to churn robust sales. The hardest part for all of us Indie Authors is the continually changing landscape so we must stay alert to new avenues to staying visible without always jumping on the latest fad.

More on this tomorrow at Much Cheaper Than Therapy.
Stop by. I'll be asking questions and for opinions.

From the Author:
Connie Flynn is a bestselling, award-winning author of ten novels and several short stories. She has been putting her legacy books on Kindle as time allows and is also working of several new novels. She writes in several genres, including paranormal romance, romantic comedy and action/adventure, contemporary fantasy. She also writes mystery/suspense as K.C. Flynn. Look for more new releases in 2013.

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Look for The Dragon Hour in Connie's Amazon page on April 10. This reissue has been long awaited and I'm hoping new readers love this PRISM Award-winning book as much as  early readers did.

A Scottish paradise lost in time
 is invaded by 21st century thugs.

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