Monday, June 24, 2013

A Spotlight is on Amylynn Bright

by Connie Flynn
It's my pleasure to introduce a terrific new Regency author:
Amylynn Bright
Amylynn Bright

Since I write Regency romances, I’ve pondered this question quite a bit. Anytime anyone mentions reincarnation, people tend to say they were Cleopatra or Genghis Kahn or something. They never say they were the guy from the black plague who pulled the cart through town and hollered for everyone to, “bring out your dead.”

I’ve done extensive research on my genealogy and discovered all kinds of exciting things. Of course, then at you learn that EVERYone is descended from royalty and really, it’s not all that exciting. Don’t believe me? It’s a proven mathematical statistic. Every person on the planet is related to Charlemagne, Nefertiti, and Confuscious. If you think that’s mindboggling, get this little fact. All six billion people on our planet today have a common ancestor who only lived a couple of thousand years ago.

Every. Single. Person.

One researcher I read said that the truly astounding thing would be to prove you were NOT a descendant of Charlemagne.

So even though we were all related to royalty, the fun part of genealogy is figuring out which ones. I got all excited when my family tree took me to Scotland and I got closer and closer to William Wallace, Guardian of Scotland, made so famous by the movie Braveheart. Don’t you know, I am related instead to Edward I, the villain of the movie.

It’s easy to go from a princess to a pauper. Apparently my family has a history of marrying down rather than up. True love kept getting in the way. Still, I hold out hope that someday, someone will show up on my door with a writ proving I’m the long lost Queen of Luxembourg or something

So stop by and ask questions about your possible ancestors. I probably won't know the answers, but I can help you find them. And when you stop, enter my drawing for a free eBook or print copy of MISS GOLDSLEIGH'S SECRET. Be sure to leave your email address which will also get you subscribed to my mailing list. No worries, if you decide the newsletter doesn't fit your needs, unsubscribing is easy. The last thing I want to be is a spammer. 

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Olivia Goldsleigh just wants to live without terror, but a gunshot in the night proves things can always get worse. The beautiful and god-like Lord Dalton swears to protect her, to make the danger go away. She wants the man, the life, the family, the bliss he promises, but her secrets are certain to destroy them all.

When Henry Cavendish, Marquess of Dalton, leapt to catch the fainting woman before she hit the cobblestone, he never thought that one chivalrous act would set his well ordered life on end.  His ingrained need to protect her has every bit as much to do with her enchanting beauty as it does his desire to wipe the hunted look from her startling blue eyes. He thinks he has everything in hand, but the lady has secrets that puts everything he loves at risk.


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Unfortunately, mail is slow during a war. She thought he knew everything. He had never suspected. Thomas has always wanted to be a part of the Belling’s family but he was too foolish to grab the chance when she threw herself at him before. Instead, he ran off to war. 

Emboldened by his new-found appreciation for a grown-up Francesca, he finds that dream is within his reach. If she thinks he’s running away this time, she has no idea what she’s in for.

Twitter: @amylynnbright
Amazon Buy Link:

* * *Enter my drawing for a free eBook or print copy of MISS GOLDSLEIGH'S SECRET.  Be sure to leave your email address which will also get you subscribed to my mailing list. No worries, if you decide the newsletter doesn't fit your needs, unsubscribing is easy. The last thing I want to be is a spammer. * * *  

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Hot & Deadly Blog Hop

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Welcome to my paranormal and suspense blog post celebrating the hottest and most deadly stories in the fiction world. What favorite story of yours makes your hair stand up and your heart beat like a tom-tom? Is it one you wrote yourself? Or does something like Red Dragon and The Silence of the Lambs bring goosebumps to your skin and suck the air from your lungs? How about Edgar Allen Poe and the Tell-tale Heart. Or are you more of a DaVinci Code kind of thrill seeker?

Why do we love being scared? Why do we read about stuff we wouldn't want to actually happen in our own life? These questions have been studied for centuries and the only answer that seems to come up is we like them.

I know I do, even if I tend to be partial to my own heroes. Morgan Wilder, for instance, was a sedate psychiatrist who encountered a paranormal world quite accidentally. Now he's part of it and yearns to escape. Morgan is a big man, tall, buff, and strong. And when he expresses the talents of his secret life he's as deadly as a sabre tooth tiger. I've given him just the heroine to redeem his soul.and they come together in SHADOW ON THE MOON, the book I've donated for Hot & Deadly.

Okay, I know you didn't drop in just for the conversation. You want the goodies, of course you do.

These are the giveaways:
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Please be sure to leave an email or other contact information so we can notify you if you win. I will do my best to respond to every post. I'd like to see some lively dialogue going about what we like in paranormal and suspense and why we like it.

In the meantime, be sure to leave your comment. To submit the second and third entries be sure to click the links to the blog and the newsletter then register  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Busy, Busy Book Week

There's a lot of exciting stuff going on this week.

I just finished a facelift on the cover for Shadow on the Moon and uploaded it yesterday but as of now it still isn't up. I design and produce my own covers mostly and this book was one of my first. My Photoshop skills weren't all that good, but I got a little training and I'm getting better. And, I'm releasing a print version of all my novels, starting with Shadow on the Moon. Since that required redesign I thought this was a good time to clean the covers up. Shadow on the Wolf is next, in fact the cover is half done.

The Dragon Hour is going free for the first time today (6/19) for one day only and won't go free again this year. If you're a Kindle reader you can download until around midnight. After that the price reverts to $3.99.The book is about a gang of C-list mob members who attempt to rob an armored car but are discovered by the A-listers. In their attempt to escape the robbers enter a time bubble with the A-listers hot on their heels.  Inside is a Scottish kingdom lost in time, a beautiful Countess, and a half-mad scientist. And something even more dangerous terrorizes the people at dusk, but what they don't realize is that the intruders are even worse. Currently available at

HD THOMSONLast, and a really big deal, I'm participating a Bella Media Management blog hop beginning June 20, which would be tomorrow. What's a blog hop, you may ask. Let me explain. It's a multi-day event, this one goes four days until June 23. A large group of authors sign up to be linked and visit each others blogs and invite their friends and acquaintances to also visit.

Our theme this time is Hot & Deadly. Participating authors write either paranormal or suspense thrillers or both. We'll be offering random drawings throughout the event. Some for gift cards, others for print book, and yet others will offer eBooks or swag. There is a grand prize is a $53.50 Barnes & Noble gift card. The rules will be posted here on Thursday but I am including the list of participating authors so you can check out your favs and get to know some new authors.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your week. A free book, a chance to win more free books and a $53.50 gift card. It doesn't get any better than that. Well . . . maybe it does but it still way better than nothing. Watch for my tweets.

Till later,

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Arizona Governor Brewer Becomes a Heroine

I gave lots of thought to this blog's title because, well, quite frankly, I've not been a fan of Jan Brewer. I didn't like the company she kept. I didn't like her stand on immigration. And I wasn't sure whether to be amused or embarrassed when she wagged her finger at our president.

One thing she always showed is guts. I mean, who else has ever done that? (big shrug.)

Once again she flashed her cajones (a very revered Latino word) by going up against her own party to push the Medicaid healthcare bill through a very rude and ruthless congress. Fourteen senators joined her and the Democrats in voting this bill through. For good measure they also passed two other not so popular measures that gave more funding to Child Protective Services and education, money desperately needed.

I try to avoid politics because it's so messy and divisive . . . and stalled. There's got to be a better way.

The trouble is that politics creates public policy which affects the lives of every one of us—in this case, sick people. Generally very sick people who have lost their insurance only to find that private coverage is unaffordable.

But today Jan Brewer signed the Medicaid bill and guaranteed healthcare for 350,000 Arizonans and I became a fan of her. For a few weeks I actually became political again.

Or maybe not. From where I sit, Jan Brewer graduated from being a politician. She's now a stateswoman, who rose above personal and political party biases to do what was right for the people of Arizona. The job she was elected to do. We need more like her.

What do you think? I'm almost afraid to ask because . . . well, whether I like it or not, this is politics.

Till later,

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Twelve Essential Questions That Turn New Ideas Into Finished Novels


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WHEN: July 27, 2013

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FOR: Anyone who wants to write a novel, from first timers to writers who are working on their tenth or eleventh or hundredth book.

WHERE: Vision Quest Bookstore 2225 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85257 Cross streets: Scottsdale Road and Oak (SE side)

WHY: You've always wanted to write a novel and don't know where to start. You have a blockbuster idea that you can't quite pull together. You've written several books that you haven't been able to sell. Connie Flynn can help. Whether you've never written a word or are a multi-published author working on your kajillionth novel, this workshop will fill the bill because the material and exercises are tailored to apply to the individual writer's needs. They focus on YOUR story content, YOUR story flow, and as YOU answer each question you'll find the the unique circumstances of the novel YOU want to write.


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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Morning Observation #6

Dad's Day Tribute

Don't we all sometimes wish we had a Dad like this? Still in touch with his inner child. I had two dad's actually. My natural Dad and my Step-Dad.  Both passed away some time ago. Both taught me some very valuable lessons. But neither of them taught me yo-yo tricks or how to play the bongos--although my dad-Dad did teach me to appreciate Ravel's Bolero, my only fond excursion into the land of classical music--and my Step-Dad taught me how to change my own oil.

My son comes close to being a Drabble kind of Dad, although he's much smarter. When his kids were young he watched Saturday morning cartoons with them. When they got older he attended every baseball game and some practices, encouraging them from the sidelines and practicing with them in the back yard. When they were ready to branch out on their own he offered emotional and financial support. Now they're grown and all good people, thanks to him.  Well, their Mom helped too, quite a bit, but this is about the Dad's day coming up and the purpose of this blog is to tell him this:

Happy Father's Day! Thanks for giving me such terrific grand kids.
Love you,

Monday, June 10, 2013

Morning Observation #5

Handsome Cat

Technically it's afternoon but I saw this picture this morning. i have nothing against the Donald other than that he's a chauvinist,  but not the only one, and this is so perfect and so funny I had to spread  the joy.

That's pretty much all for today except to point out the Hot and Deadly Blog Hop badge on the right hand side of this blog. I'm participating and there are tons of giveaways with a grand prize being a $50 B&N gift card. All you have to do is come to some of the listed blogs and leave a comment and you're eligible for the prizes.

If you are a paranormal or romantic suspense author with an active blog and you'd like to participate, click on the link below the badge. Registration closes on June 15.

Meanwhile, time for another laugh. I don't know . . . I think Donald Trump has never looked better. What do you think?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Morning Observation #4

A Great Modern-Day Author

In Case You Want to Order

Khaled Hosseini will be speaking today at Dobson High School in Mesa, Arizona. I read about it in my morning paper and it inspired my this blog.

Hosseini was interviewed along with the announcement—the paper gave him nearly two columns—and he spoke about his latest release "And The Mountains Echoed" and his writing process. In case you've just returned from Siberia, I'll remind you that Khaled Hosseini also wrote "The Kite Runner," which I read and adored, and "A Thousand Splendid Suns," which I still haven't gotten to, but not from lack of wanting.

Anyway, enough of the setup. His interview covered his writing process and where he gets his ideas and many other subjects that readers want to know, but this is the one that stuck in my mind. When asked about distractions from writing, he said, and I quote exactly:

"The Internet is the biggest. It'll start innocently enough. I'll need to look something up: "What year was there a protest about this issue on the streets of Paris?" But you know, one thing leads to another, and the next thing you know I'm on eBay looking at some old car. The Internet is what whiskey used to be to a writer, only less ominous."
The Arizona Republic         
June 9, 2013        

I laughed out loud, several times, from the absolute truth of it. The only thing I disagreed with are the last two words, 'less ominous.' I'm not so sure about that. When that happens to me I sometimes look up and realize three hours have vanished. So what do you think? Is the Internet truly less ominous than whiskey to a writer? Let me know your take on this subject. Shamefaced writers want to know.

It's so tempting to post laughing emoticons across the bottom of this post, but I'll restrain myself.

A Scottish paradise lost in time is invaded by 21st century thugs. It was a robbery gone terribly wrong, ending in Luke Slade and his wounded cousin being swept through a window in time, with  killers chasing in behind them, trapping them all in 1672. Caryn McLaughlin rules Lochlorraine and when Luke appears she knows her worries will soon be over. He is Luke the Dragon Slayer, none other, and his duty is clear. Her duty is to convince him.

Connie Flynn, bestselling, award-winning author of ten published novels and three published short stories, also teaches fiction writing at Mesa Community College. She has gone indie recently and has been busy growing her online presence. She writes in several genres — paranormal romance, romantic comedy, action-adventure and contemporary fantasy. She also writes mystery and suspense as K.C. Flynn. Look for several new releases from Connie/K.C. in 2013.

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Morning Observation #3

This morning I'm breaking a cardinal rule of blogging, at least for popular fiction writers, to not touch on political issues. But as I was reading Montini's column  this morning, I felt impelled to share my opinion.

Opinions, as we all know, are based on, well . . . opinion, meaning they aren't fact, except when we hold one, in which case they are righteous, meaning the other side is totally wrongheaded. (The irony is that this statement is also an opinion, so it goes on and on, giving fiction writers a treasure trove of potential conflict.) But what I'm about to say isn't fiction: 

We must embrace the Affordable Healthcare Act

That's my opinion and I believe it to be true. So does Montini and our contrarian governor. After you've Montini's column, you may believe, too.

Montini is a daily columnist in The Arizona Republic, one of the few local 'paper' newspapers left standing. As the title implies we live in a hotbed of conservatism, such a hotbed that we're becoming famous (infamous) around the country. That said, I may be a little off with my current opinion that half or more of our citizens are against Affordable Care. I apologize in advance if I'm preaching to those of you already in the choir.

This is why I wholeheartedly support the Affordable Healthcare act. 

Everyone will have decent healthcare coverage. Those with pre-existing conditions, those who need a shocking amount of care, newborns, teenagers, young adults, middleagers and oldsters alike, will all have coverage. It will cost them – this is not a government gift – but far less than it would otherwise. And . . . it will certainly cost less taxpayer money. Why? Because we're already paying the healthcare costs of the uninsured. Some of us are paying for it with our lives.

Healthcare has become a moral issue. A country this large and this prosperous has to eventually become the keeper of those who are too weak, whether physically or mentally, to survive on their own.

So I strongly urge you to read Montini's column because he says it much better than I have. I especially urge to to read it if you're against "Obamacare." Yes, he's a lefty liberal but he's an informed liberal, one who could even change your mind.

Or not. Because it's only opinion. Right?

Except that lives depend upon it.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Morning Observation #2

Do kids not want to work?

When my son, my oldest child, was a toddler and I was drowning in fatigue, I asked my mother when kids stopped demanding to have every minute of your time. She said, "When they're old enough to help around the house."

Not very encouraging, except even as she said I remembered it was true for me. Boy, I hated chores and projects and suggestions about how I plan for my future that were instigated by my mother. And that's even before I was a teenager. There was no reason for this repulsion. It wasn't like I had other plans, like I was dreaming up a future me that had nothing to do with washing the dishes.

I wish. Because as I was reading the strip I realized that everyday chores still repulse me. Empty the dishwasher? Where is my maid? Clean up after dinner? Isn't that somebody else's job? Obviously, these warring thoughts don't keep me from doing the chores but they sure make me procrastinate.

This constant tug between need to/don't wanna really drains energy. And I realize I do the same thing with my writing. I've been keeping score these days, writing down what I've accomplish, how much time I've spent writing and my attitude at the time. The information is a tad dismaying.

Lots of times I'm just like Jeremy of the cartoon, feeling so nagged by the demands of my life that I don't want to do any of it. When the truth is that when I sit my butt in the chair and start writing, most of the time the story sweeps me away and I feel energized.

So, two questions: 1) Do your half-grown kids fight against your requests and suggestions like Jeremy does?  2) Do you, now the adult version of a half-grown kid, do the same thing?

Whoops, guess there are three questions, the last one being, how do you handle it when you're the one who's doing it? (Unless you aren't, in which case what are you doing on this blog? You're such a bad example :D.)

Leave a comment if you're so inclined and/or click on the follow link in the upper left. I love to hear from readers and I welcome all of you – just kidding about being a bad example.

Connie Flynn, bestselling, award-winning author of ten published novels and three published short stories, also teaches fiction writing at Mesa Community College. She has been reissuing her legacy books in the Amazon Kindle store and her online bookstore is growing.  Busy polishing a recently completed new novel scheduled for mid-summer publication, she also had another new work in progress. She writes in several genres — paranormal romance, romantic comedy, action-adventure and contemporary fantasy. She also writes mystery and suspense as K.C. Flynn. Look for several new releases from Connie/K.C. in 2013.
You can find more about Connie's books and classes at

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Morning Observation #1

Daily observations are quick snippets of my sometimes brilliant and sometimes dead wrong writer's take on the hodge-podge of stuff that happens every day.
Today's my first report and my topic came from the comic pages of my daily newspaper. I'm probably one of the last handful of people who still get a local morning newspaper, so take my comments with a grain or handful of salt as I present you with one of my favorite strips: Stone Soup.

My first impression when I read this strip was the use of the word "kind." The mother's lecture is an old-time platitude that I think I first saw in Dear Abby, when I was in eighth grade. For the most part it happen to be true, but I took issue with using the word "kind" in this context. The correct word is "inoffensive."

To me "kind" is uplifting, flattering, the kind of thing that inspires people to do better, like "You wrote a brilliant book."  Where "inoffensive: is about avoiding the expected response that might make you feel like a dirty, rotten liar, wherein you say something like, "That's some book you wrote."

One thing I believe in is precise word choices and I sometimes get annoyed at the erosion of word meanings over time. I do respect that English is an evolving language, but . . . hell it's still annoying.

So how about you? Are there words you feel have lost their original meaning? Which ones and how do you think they should be used? I'm interested, readers are interested, so if you have a minute drop off a comment. there are no hoops to go through to post and It's great to hear from readers.

Connie Flynn, bestselling, award-winning author of ten published novels and three published short stories covering fantasy, mystery and romance also writes mysteries as K.C. Flynn and teaches fiction writing at Mesa Community College  Look for several new releases from Connie/K.C. in 2013. She invites you to subscribe to this blog and you can find her current books and contact information at her website.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Failure & Success & Those Damn Extra Ten Pounds

Is that me ? Don't I wish.
I've lost a hundred pounds over the last ten years. Actually a hundred and five. But the five I only lost once. If you're thinking "you go girl," I say "thank you," but by now you've probably figured out that my lost hundred pounds were the same hundred pounds.

Okay, as I suspected, the applause has died down. Darn, this is when I really need it. 

I started my annual Atkins diet last Monday. For those of you who don't know, Atkins is a controlled carbohydrate diet. It kicks off with a 14-day induction phase that limits carb intake to 20 grams a day. That's the equivalent of one slice of toast. For a carboholic like me that's a <sob> moment.

The rest of my diet consists of unlimited servings of protein and good fats and two to three cups of salad vegetables.It's plenty of food and by day 3 I had lost 5 pounds. Yay. Yay. Yay. I felt as smug as this girl on the scale. Too much yay, because I celebrated the 5 pounds with a rye crisp and half a grapefruit plus my salad veggies. When I weighed myself the next day I had lost no weight, but hadn't gained any either. So instead of reminding myself that I had lost my low carb advantage I ate yet another rye crisp, plus half a banana, topping off the day with strawberries and whipped cream

The next day I was up 2 ounces, carbo limit seriously blown.Committed dieter that I am, I seriously
My relationship with breads & similar stuff
clamped down and followed the diet to the T. When I got up the next morning I expected to have lost the regained ounces or at worst stayed even, and I smiled in pleasant anticipation of success as I stepped on the scale.

Instead I had put on two more ounces. Failure, absolute failure. And this is where this little weight loss mini-saga takes a sharp turn. My good mood vanished in a nano-second. I felt so tired I wanted to climb back in bed.

Earlier this year I realized I needed  to become my own best friend. Take better care of myself, get those medical checkups I've avoided for so long, adhere to a regular exercise schedule, begin my annual weight loss program and develop a solid writing routine. .
Most of all, I vowed to pay attention to how I feel.To listen to that subtle self-talk that underlies any abrupt mood change like the one I had when I looked at the scale.

Failure! Code Red! Code Red! Failure! I don't know if anything like this ever happens in your head, but behind all the hysteria were softer voices saying things like I never do anything right, I'll never lose that weight now. It's no use. All my other goals and purposes seemed unimportant because after all if I couldn't keep off those freaking two ounces, could I do anything right?

I wanted to roll into a hedgehog ball of pitiful failure. Instead I remembered to listen to myself. Just listen. Not have one of those crazy schizo-like inner conversations where one side disses you  and the other side defends you until you're in the middle of this circular dialogue that ends up making you also want to suck your thumb. Okay, I exaggerate, but I wanted to avoid that scenario at all cost.

My ideal Atkins meal
Then I remembered a book by Byron Katie and her four questions. I didn't technically apply them right, but I started out by listening to me until the crappy messages calmed down, then asked myself the most important question--"Is it true?"  And, of course, the answer was "no." First off, it was only 2 ounces. If I wanted to throw a mental tantrum why didn't I do it when I hit the extra ten pounds? Go figure, but water under the bridge. What's important is that acknowledging that my mental scolding contained less than 2 ounces of truth created a space that let me replace that loser feeling with memories of success. I mean, I still lost 4 pounds,14 ounces. So yay again, but without the smugness.
Success feels successful!
Alternately, the answer to the question could have been "yes, it is true." Then I would ask how I know it's true, a question that drags up a lot of new self-talk to listen to but can result in a "no, it isn't true," answer, putting me back on the success track. Even if the answer is that it's true, there's a new question to ask: what can be done about it? While this isn't a pure success position, it has power and opens the door to positive change. Sure beats being a thumb-sucking hedgehog.

Which brings me to the true point of this blog. An inappropriate response to a small failure nudged me--okay, shoved me--to draw on ways I could handle the unpleasant feelings that derailed my enthusiasm, my focus and my creativity. It's also proof that I'm following my commitment to honor all aspects of myself--physical, emotional, and mental.

It seem like a small thing, what happened yesterday  morning, but if I learn to handle these small upsets with skill, how much better will I handle the big ones that come along? This is an exercise in dealing with the real world, the one right in front of me today, not the one I've invented  in my mind. Ultimately, what I truly learned and may have to learn again is that it's not the failure itself that knocks us down, it's what we tell ourselves about it.

How about you?  Does failure knock you way off-kilter? Have you found ways to process failure.
Do you routinely forget to acknowledge your successes? Do you frequently ignore your own needs because you're too busy dealing with daily demands. I'd love to hear your experiences so if you have a minute to drop off a comment about your experiences, I'll include your post in one of my a future blogs about navigating this crazy writer's life.

In the meantime, there's a little bit about me and my latest release at the end of this blog, plus social media links. Check in on me if you're so inclined. And thanks for stopping by to read.

Learn More About It
A Scottish paradise lost in time is invaded by 21st century thugs. It was a robbery gone terribly wrong, ending in Luke Slade and his wounded cousin being swept through a window in time, with  killers chasing in behind them, trapping them all in 1672.

Caryn McLaughlin rules Lochlorraine and when Luke appears she knows her worries will soon be over. He is Luke the Dragon Slayer, none other, and his duty is clear. Her duty is to convince him.

Connie Flynn, bestselling, award-winning author of ten published novels and three published short stories covering fantasy, mystery and romance also writes mysteries as K.C. Flynn and teaches fiction writing at Mesa Community College  Look for several new releases from Connie/K.C. in 2013.

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