Friday, June 7, 2013

Morning Observation #3

This morning I'm breaking a cardinal rule of blogging, at least for popular fiction writers, to not touch on political issues. But as I was reading Montini's column  this morning, I felt impelled to share my opinion.

Opinions, as we all know, are based on, well . . . opinion, meaning they aren't fact, except when we hold one, in which case they are righteous, meaning the other side is totally wrongheaded. (The irony is that this statement is also an opinion, so it goes on and on, giving fiction writers a treasure trove of potential conflict.) But what I'm about to say isn't fiction: 

We must embrace the Affordable Healthcare Act

That's my opinion and I believe it to be true. So does Montini and our contrarian governor. After you've Montini's column, you may believe, too.

Montini is a daily columnist in The Arizona Republic, one of the few local 'paper' newspapers left standing. As the title implies we live in a hotbed of conservatism, such a hotbed that we're becoming famous (infamous) around the country. That said, I may be a little off with my current opinion that half or more of our citizens are against Affordable Care. I apologize in advance if I'm preaching to those of you already in the choir.

This is why I wholeheartedly support the Affordable Healthcare act. 

Everyone will have decent healthcare coverage. Those with pre-existing conditions, those who need a shocking amount of care, newborns, teenagers, young adults, middleagers and oldsters alike, will all have coverage. It will cost them – this is not a government gift – but far less than it would otherwise. And . . . it will certainly cost less taxpayer money. Why? Because we're already paying the healthcare costs of the uninsured. Some of us are paying for it with our lives.

Healthcare has become a moral issue. A country this large and this prosperous has to eventually become the keeper of those who are too weak, whether physically or mentally, to survive on their own.

So I strongly urge you to read Montini's column because he says it much better than I have. I especially urge to to read it if you're against "Obamacare." Yes, he's a lefty liberal but he's an informed liberal, one who could even change your mind.

Or not. Because it's only opinion. Right?

Except that lives depend upon it.


  1. Hi Eileen it's been a while. Thanks for your encouragement. These days it's scary to voice an opinion on any controversial topic and words like yours come me courage (hey, did you notice that word is part of encourage?) P.S. I apologize for the captcha but the spam was getting crazy.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I admire you for speaking up.

    Janet Jones Bann

  3. Janet, You are so welcome and it's so good to know that people out there are really supporting this measure. Thanks for backing me up.


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