Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Morning Observation #6

Dad's Day Tribute

Don't we all sometimes wish we had a Dad like this? Still in touch with his inner child. I had two dad's actually. My natural Dad and my Step-Dad.  Both passed away some time ago. Both taught me some very valuable lessons. But neither of them taught me yo-yo tricks or how to play the bongos--although my dad-Dad did teach me to appreciate Ravel's Bolero, my only fond excursion into the land of classical music--and my Step-Dad taught me how to change my own oil.

My son comes close to being a Drabble kind of Dad, although he's much smarter. When his kids were young he watched Saturday morning cartoons with them. When they got older he attended every baseball game and some practices, encouraging them from the sidelines and practicing with them in the back yard. When they were ready to branch out on their own he offered emotional and financial support. Now they're grown and all good people, thanks to him.  Well, their Mom helped too, quite a bit, but this is about the Dad's day coming up and the purpose of this blog is to tell him this:

Happy Father's Day! Thanks for giving me such terrific grand kids.
Love you,

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