Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Morning Observation #2

Do kids not want to work?

When my son, my oldest child, was a toddler and I was drowning in fatigue, I asked my mother when kids stopped demanding to have every minute of your time. She said, "When they're old enough to help around the house."

Not very encouraging, except even as she said I remembered it was true for me. Boy, I hated chores and projects and suggestions about how I plan for my future that were instigated by my mother. And that's even before I was a teenager. There was no reason for this repulsion. It wasn't like I had other plans, like I was dreaming up a future me that had nothing to do with washing the dishes.

I wish. Because as I was reading the strip I realized that everyday chores still repulse me. Empty the dishwasher? Where is my maid? Clean up after dinner? Isn't that somebody else's job? Obviously, these warring thoughts don't keep me from doing the chores but they sure make me procrastinate.

This constant tug between need to/don't wanna really drains energy. And I realize I do the same thing with my writing. I've been keeping score these days, writing down what I've accomplish, how much time I've spent writing and my attitude at the time. The information is a tad dismaying.

Lots of times I'm just like Jeremy of the cartoon, feeling so nagged by the demands of my life that I don't want to do any of it. When the truth is that when I sit my butt in the chair and start writing, most of the time the story sweeps me away and I feel energized.

So, two questions: 1) Do your half-grown kids fight against your requests and suggestions like Jeremy does?  2) Do you, now the adult version of a half-grown kid, do the same thing?

Whoops, guess there are three questions, the last one being, how do you handle it when you're the one who's doing it? (Unless you aren't, in which case what are you doing on this blog? You're such a bad example :D.)

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