Friday, September 27, 2013

Fragment Friday #1 -- The Dragon Struts His Stuff

 This Friday Fragment is from my award-winning, bestselling novel, THE DRAGON HOUR.

The setting is a land called Lochlorraine, a 17th century village ripped out of time by a bold science experiment that bounces them from century to century. When a 21st century band of thugs gets trapped inside, the village's acting ruler, Lady Caryn, recognizes one of them and know the role he's destined to play.  But Luke doesn't see it that way.  This excerpt shows Lady Caryn doing her best to convince Luke that he truly is their legendary dragon slayer.

“Clearly you know naught of dragons, sir.” Her tone annoyed him.

“Only what I've read in fairy tales.”

“Then you must have read of their fiery breath. And if you know that, then you must also know that it sets the roofs afire.”

With the volume of sparks that flew from the chimneys, Luke found it miraculous that the straw roofs didn't routinely burst into flames. 

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The horn blew again.  Ormeskirk swooped low over the village. Not a volley had been fired at his approach. His unexpected appearance had apparently caught the castle sentry off guard. Now, with the bird so close to the ground, the soldiers wouldn't shoot for fear of hitting one of their own. As the bird glided low, they rushed forward with pitchforks and axes. A man leaped up on the dip of a wing and caught it with the tine of his weapon.

Ormeskirk faltered, a sight that evoked a prayer of thanks from Caryn's lips. But Luke's heart twisted at the ensuing scream. As the bird struggled to stay aloft, his injured wing struck a cottage. Straw flew into the wind. A rafter collapsed, pulling in a stretch of roof. With another scream, the bird rose and turned, his open beak poised just above the crumbling roof. The cottage instantly burst into flames.

“Jesus!” Luke exclaimed, snapping his head toward Caryn.

She gave him a censuring look. “So, Sir Luke Slade, do ye still affirm that dragons do not exist? Or do birds of your time breathe fire and smoke as this one does?”

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013





Connie Flynn and Bootcamp for Novelists Introduce Bootcamp Classrooms
The Bootcamps called Face-to-Face have been renamed Bootcamp Classroom since it's easier to say and it means the same thing. I'm curious about how you like the new logo. It's a little more girly and yet still has a whiff of testosterone, not to mention the blackboard that reminds us this is a learning experience.

The first renewed Bootcamp was well received by twenty-one authors at various stages of their careers. Watch for the testimonial page that will come up soon on the Bootcamp website ( ). The 12 Essential Questions Classroom is designed for all writers from beginners to those who are seasoned and multi-published.  It's purpose is to help you pull together the story you want to write full enough that you will know WHAT to write when you leave the Classroom and head home to finally put it down on paper.


WHAT: Twelve Essential Questions to Ask to Turn New Ideas Into Stories. An all-day fiction writer's workshop that begins with your idea and guides you through your story to the end using a series of questions that when fully
answered provide the basic structure on which to write your novel.

WHEN: November 2, 2013 TIME: 10:00am - 5:00pm

WHO: Taught by multi-published author and Bootcamp founder, Connie Flynn.

FOR: Anyone who wants to write a novel, from first timers to writers to multi-published authors who are starting their tenth or eleventh or one hundredth book.

WHERE: Vision Quest Bookstore 2225 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85257 Cross streets: Scottsdale Road and Oak (SE side)

WHY: You've always wanted to write a novel and don't know where to start. You have a blockbuster idea that you can't quite pull together. You've written several books that you haven't been able to sell. Connie Flynn can help. Whether you've never written a word or are a multi-published author working on your trillionth novel, this workshop will fill the bill because the material and exercises are tailored to apply to the individual writer's needs. They focus on YOUR story content, YOUR story flow, and as YOU answer each question you'll find the parts that fit the unique circumstances of the novel YOU want to write.

CONTACT:  Connie at


Until October 6    $69 Save $26

After October 6   $79  Save $16

After October 20 or at the Door  $85

 If you are coming from out of town and need hotel recommendations email Connie at for information

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Welcome to Fragment Friday

Blog Hop With Me. It's Fun

H.D. Thomson and Caris Roane, my paranormal writing buddies, launched this quick and fun blog hop to help you warm up before you begin your day of writing about shapeshifters and demons, or ghosts and witches. These short excerpts from a dozen or so published paranormal authors will help you get back in a para-world point of view.

If you are a published paranormal author (traditional or indie) I invite you to sign on for this week and next.  Just scroll down and register on the linky list at the end of this post . Your duties will be:
  • Post an excerpt juicy with paranormal happenings of no more that 250 word and schedule it for midnight Thursday.
  • Display the Fragment Friday badge on your site and let your visitors know you'll be posting yours excerpt that Friday.
  •  Leave some comments on each others blogs, send a few tweets to your followers and update your Facebook status and  other social media.
In return you get traffic to your blog, new follows and likes, and generally raise your visibility to search engines.

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A Scottish paradise lost in time is invaded by 21st century thugs. During a robbery gone wrong, Luke carries his wounded cousin through a window in time, killers hot on their heels. Caryn rules this land and knows Luke has a duty because he's the legendary Dragon Slayer. Her duty is to convince him.
Connie Flynn, bestselling, award-winning published author of ten novels and three short stories in several genres — paranormal romance, romantic comedy, action-adventure and contemporary fantasy/sci-fi,  also teaches day-long workshops through Bootcamp for Novelists, a private writing school that she co-founded in 2009. Look for two new releases from Connie, soon to be showcased on this blog. 

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Spotlighting: Romance Writer Mary Tate Engels

by Connie Flynn

BEST-SELLING AUTHOR of more than 33 books, Mary Tate Engels is a novelist, editor, and teacher with roots in the South and a passion for chasing dreams and finding love! A romantic at heart, she is published in fiction and non-fiction with Navajo traders' history and an authentic Mexican cookbook. Meet her at

Look for Mary every third Tuesday on Much Cheaper Than Therapy, when she becomes a permanent contributor, starting this August 20th.

The rest of us at MCTT welcome Mary with open arms and are eager to see her participation. Here's what she has to say about joining us.
Hi There,

I'm a Boomer on the Web and after many years of writing books, I dream in digital, as in eBooks. I'll be here on Much Cheaper Than Therapy sharing my experiences on Writing Naked and other tales of Chasing Dreams and Finding Love! Hope you'll tune in and leave a comment. I love feedback. I'm on Facebook – wherever my muse takes me: Occasionally Twitter about the value of stories in our lives and free books:

Come visit my home away from home, my website: . And while you're there, sign up for my quarterly newsletter to see what I'm up to, along with a little kick-ass about chasing your dreams and finding happiness.

Chasing Dreams, Finding Love

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Rest of the Story . . . about internet & used car lots & stuff

Why Internet Businesses Remind Me
of Used Car Lots
A couples months ago (7/15) almost to this date I posted a harsh little piece about my very poor experience with Google and the Google ads program. The details of the original post can be read by clicking on the caption of the photo to the left.

After the blog ran, Google refunded the charges against my add account and I suppose Google deserves an apology from me for not setting things straight right away. But I'm doing it now because it's the right thing to do.

In my defense she'd been a bit "ho-hum, maybe we'll give back your money," or so I took it. I'll never know for sure. But what I do know is that I  heard back from them only after I'd blogged about my experience.  In fact, the day after I'd slapped up the outraged post, I received a call from the woman I'd spoken to right after my runaways ad account came to my attention.  And, she, too, did the right thing.  It's all good now. Because, yes, I did get a refund.

Was that blog the reason I got my money back? I think so. At least partly. The truth is I'm not ready to advertise on Google yet and not sure I ever will be. It makes me very uncomfortable because their payment system is too much like handing them a blank check. Actually, it IS giving them a blank check. People who are used to big advertising budgets probably know how to constrain or at least be aware of how much it's costing each day, but I'm still barely fluent in Google Analytics and my small eBook corner of isn't big time.  So I learned my lesson and it ended up not costing me.