Monday, October 21, 2013

Spotlighting: Debut Author Jennifer Hayward Has Done It Again

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Connie Flynn
It is my pleasure to again introduce my friend and former student to readers as she launches her second novel right on the heels of her first.  Her story theme is gutsy and compelling and I think you'll discover an amazing writer with stories very much worth reading. Like me, I suspect you'll become a fan. 

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JENNIFER HAYWARD has been a fan of romance and adventure since filching her sister’s Harlequin Presents novels to escape her teenaged angst. She penned her first romance at nineteen. When it was rejected, she bristled at her mother’s suggestion that she needed more life experience. She went on to complete a journalism degree and intern as a sports broadcaster before settling into a career in public relations. Years of working alongside powerful, charismatic CEOs and traveling the world provided perfect fodder for the arrogant alpha males she loves to write, and free research on the some of the world’s most glamorous locales.

A suitable amount of life experience under her belt, she sat down and conjured up the sexiest, most delicious Italian wine magnate she could imagine, had him make his biggest mistake and gave him a wife on the run. That story, The Divorce Party, won her Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write contest and a book contract. The second installement in the De Campo brothers triology, An Exquisite Challenge, will be published with Harlequin Presents in Feb 2014.

An Exquisite Challenge  Available NOW for re-order for 1/21/14 release

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“First move’s yours, Lex,” he murmured. “After that, all bets are off.”

Wine magnate Gabe De Campo has fired his PR company three weeks before the most anticipated launch event the industry’s ever seen. Enter Alexandra Anderson—the last woman he should ever work with, but the only woman who can help.

Gabe and Alex have always been a lethal combination, and with so much at stake for them both, failure is not an option. Can they ignore the powerful attraction between them in order to maintain their professionalism…or is it only a matter of time before the cork is popped on their passion?

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The Divorce Party
"You threw your fifty-thousand-dollar engagement ring off the Brooklyn Bridge?" 

Lilly shows up to her lavish divorce party with one goal in mind—to leave as quickly as possible minus a husband! Except he has other plans…and Riccardo De Campo isn't easy to say "no" to. 

Forced back into Riccardo's glittering, gossip-fueled world, the price of perfection is still too high and Lilly's old insecurities resurface. An unexpected consequence of their reunion raises the stakes even higher, and the media's golden couple must finally confront the truth behind the headlines.

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  1. Hi Jen, Welcome to Imagination Gone Wild. Obviously that's true of you with your second book coming up so soon after your debut. Good luck on the contest and I encourage visitors to leave their comments and get entered into the raffle for your books.

  2. Thanks for having me Connie! A debut is a truly exciting time :)

  3. Monika Ekdahl BaughOctober 22, 2013 at 9:26 PM

    When I read Jennifer's writing and see how she is making her life long dream of becoming a romance novelist become a reality through hard work, skills and passion, I feel truly inspired to make my own dreams come true.

  4. Oh, that is so wonderful, Monika. Jen truly is an inspiration.

  5. Thank you Monika! That is so wonderful to hear :) So glad you dropped by!


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