Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kindle Countdown Begins -- THE DRAGON HOUR 99c Day

 Amazon has offered a new promotional venue for Kindle authors, one that is used quite frequently for the non-book products they offer. As the blog title suggests, it's called Kindle Countdown.

I've signed up THE DRAGON HOUR, currently selling for $2.99, for a countdown. What that means is that for today only you can  buy THE DRAGON HOUR FOR 99c. If you miss today, no worries, tomorrow it will be available for $1.99. But after that,  it returns to its regular price.

It is, as the title suggest, a countdown and a good opportunity for me to give you a deal that wouldn't otherwise be available. THE DRAGON HOUR has been on the timetravel bestseller list off and on for over three months and has a 4.3 review rating.

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Here are comments from a couple of Amazon reviewers. For more, click on the cover caption.

 ". . . caught my attention. I was not sure it would get my interest but it did more than that. It was fantastic!!!"

"Many surprises throughout the story kept me engrossed and left me wanting more from this author."

So I hope you find this bargain worthwhile and I'd love to see your name on the reviewers list for THE DRAGON HOUR's Amazon page.

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