Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

In 2011, Cathryn J. Lombardo put together a collection of memories and philosophies of twenty-seven mothers and published it. Below is my specific contribution and the cover of her book as well as a mother's day discount for my latest romantic suspense. I couldn't think of a better time to share than on Mother's Day. Because even as our children honor us for giving them birth, we should take a few moments to remember the joy they have given back. 

So to all mothers, stepmothers and grandmothers and to anyone who has ever nurtured a child . . . 
Happy Mother's Day!
A Mom’s Haiku to My Two Plus Five
by Connie Flynn
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The Son
So young and clueless,
I see a little bundle, stretch
my arms to take him.

My firstborn, my gift
An unexpected blessing
safe in my glad heart.

Six years pass, Hot Wheels,
Lincoln Logs, Legos, Cap guns,
fights with neighbor kids.

Don’t be too bossy, I advise
Words of wisdom? Oh, you bet.

The Daughter
I, older, wiser,
a new bundle to hold. I’d
forgotten how small.
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No matter how loud
she cried, my little girl claimed
her place in my heart.

Did I think I’d love
the second less than the first?
Was I that silly?

One day she huffed, our
neighbor wasn’t a real man,
not nice to small girls.

My advice? Ignore the jerk.
Words of wisdom? Oh, you bet.

Little League games and
gymnastics. Fast bikes, cute clothes.
Years speed by too fast.

Failed goals, broken hearts, lost dreams.
Words of wisdom? Oh, I hope.

The Son
High school’s done, college
now. The future waits for him.
He has other plans.

Oh my, she’s the one.
Soon we have a wedding day.
My son becomes a man.

Triple jobs, fun arcades.
Youth doesn’t sacrifice fun.
Tokens don’t come cheap.

Got no money, not enough time.
Words of wisdom? Who listens?

The Grandsons
He’s here, son’s firstborn.
Bright and strong, loved by many.
Generations grow.

Big wheels, then hot wheels.
A new brother joins the crew.
Fights over toys ensue.

Be nice, you’ll soon be best friends.
Words of wisdom? Huh? What words?

The Granddaughter
New job, bigger house
Do they need a little girl?
Their auntie thinks so.

Red hair, blue eyes and
not left handed. Sweet honey,
the pampered youngest.

Someday you’ll like your brothers.
Words of wisdom? Sure, you bet.

The Daughter
In high school now and
wants to shine. She’s better than
she thinks she could be.

Adonis arrives
Ken and Barbie hold hands and
have a grand wedding.

A grand house, too far away.
Word of wisdom? They think not.

The Grandson
Delayed for so long,
her dream of sweet motherhood.
He’s finally here.

Tiny hands and feet
snuffling up to Mommy’s chest.
Hello there, small champ.

Thomas the Train is his most
favorite until Halo arrives.
The Granddaughter
Who wants a baby sis?
He does, more than he admits.
He has his own room.

She does too but her
bed’s  a crib and he sleeps in
a real big boy bed.

Love sister, she’ll love you back.
Words of wisdom? See that frown.

The Wise Words
Mother’s wisdom may
be a myth. Who knows it all?
Very few of us.

Our children grow so
fast they make us wonder who
really learned the most.

Did wisdom pass over and
back, like alternating current?
Who was truly wise?

Trust our own inner guidance.
Words of wisdom? Oh, you bet.

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