Monday, August 18, 2014

You Should Have Been at the Desert Sleuths SinC Conference

If you were at the conference I hope we connected. It was awesome, one of the best conference I've attended. Check in later this month for pictures on our Desert Sleuths website

Our speakers, Catriona, Mark, Graham and Tim were delightfully unguarded in their presentations and very generous with their advice. They all attended the Friday night reception and were accessible to anyone who wanted to talk them.

The people attending were just as delightful and asked insightful and often probing questions that provoked some unexpected and illuminating responses. If you didn't attend and you write mysteries or want to write mysteries, I want you to know you missed a terrific event.  You might think about marking your 2015 calendar for the next Desert Sleuths Chapter conference. They are always in August, so look for the news sometime next spring and write down the date.

In the meantime, my thanks to our board and our conference committee. They did it up right.

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