Wednesday, May 20, 2015

SuperNova Superstars-Rumer & Val WIN Dancing with the Stars

 Live Tweet from #DWTS: This season of was the BEST season yet and so inspiring and emotional!!! Already crying....
I'm not a reliable fan of reality competition shows. The ones I have embraced managed to shoo me away in about five or six seasons. Generally because the competitors get smart, develop strategies, and take advantage of opportunities to slam their competitors.

So during the last ten years, the only live competition that has kept my devotion is Dancing With the Stars. Until this season, I wasn't sure why. Finally I do.

The competitors all root for each other. Even this year when the competition was so talented and the line between the finalists so narrow that no one could guess who would win.

Would it be charming Noah, who overcame tremendous adversity but still managed bring his own brand of professionalism to the dance and proposed to his girlfriend on set?
Live Tweets: I'm incredibly proud of Noah & Sharna, especially Noah, he's taught me that you can achieve anything if you try hard & push yourself.

They are Titanium! Favorite if you loved and ' freestyle!
 Or the irrepressible Riker who threw so much energy into every dance that he made it unforgettable.

Live Tweet: Always impressed with Riker and Allison! Fantastic fusion!!

I hope Riker and Allison make the finals because I REALLY want to see their Freestyle

In truth, no matter who won, I would have felt it was fair. Each of these contestants clearly gave more than the rest of field. And that's saying a lot, considering what an amazingly talented group this was.
But in the end I chose Rumer and I can't even completely explain it. She seemed to be at a crossroads of her life. She was totally committed to doing everything needed to dance at a winning level. She was engaging to watch and her struggle felt genuine. But these were also true for the other two finalists. So in the end, I chose Rumer because no matter how incredible the other dancers were, she was breathtaking.

Live Tweets: Congrats on a well deserved win and for being an honest, real and relatable role model.

Just watched & crush their last competition dance. Incredibly proud. Get out & vote. 18552345610 . . MV
The audience in the dancing room went wild. They swooped down on Val and Rumer, not uncommon, but this congratulations appeared to explode and everybody was there at once.Enthusiasm went through the roof. I know the runners up were disappointed but I'm positive they did not feel cheated.

Which brings back to my opening statement. Why do I lose interest in reality shows? Because most them are about schemes and stacking the deck and maybe in the deep underbelly of Dancing With the Stars I might find that. I hope not because I truly want to believe that talent had a place to show.

Because I surely saw it here in Season Twenty and know I'll be back next season.

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