Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Crowdfunding 5, Pre-Launch Week- Remembering to Exhale

What if Nobody Comes?

Paper bag anybody? I've spent the last couple days curating my mailing list, tweaking the copy for my giveaway perks, contacting people who promised to help promote and vacillating between high excitement and total panic.

Last week I worked on the emails I'd be sending potential contributors and writing the remainder of my perk copy. As I was telling people what they would get from the perks I offered, I realized I was no longer anxious about asking for money because I'd decided not to ask. Does this mean I don't want contributions? Oh hell no, I'll be delighted with every dollar contributors decide to bestow, but I would prefer you shop the perks and make up your own mind, while I continue striving to come up with new and delightful perks (Yes?)

Why? Because my job as a campaigner is to offer an entertaining campaign and interesting perks like, for instance, the foam finger with the campaign slogan printed across the palm. I also have a goal that many readers can get behind and a general rising curiosity about the crowdfunding process. I hope you'll be among them when the countdown begins, stopping by to see what crowdfunding is all about.

For me right now it comes down to forty days. Forty days to reach my fundraising goal. Forty days to push KNOW WHEN TO RUN to bestselling status. It really is time to exhale. I have reason to feel confident, but . . .

. . . will it be enough? I don't know, I just don't know. Paper bag anybody?

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