Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Crowdfunding-6 - Launch Week at Last

Thirty-Seven Days Left

Saturday was a soft launch, called that because only team members and first supporters actually knew about it. It was when the campaign link first went live. We spent the day working out promotional strategies and I once more went through the pages, checking for typos, spelling errors, and unclear narrative.

Campaign Contributors

Eve Paludan
Mikaela Quinn
Karen Walker
Mike Flynn
Connie Walker Gray
Laurie Fagen
Kim Richards
Bryan Flynn
Daniel Zollo
Linda Style
Rick Walker
Cathy McDavid
+Anonymous (5)
If you've read earlier posts you might have seen my plea for a videographer. I was looking for a beginner who wanted some practice but as a friend of mine told me, they probably preferred working on their own stuff. Other candidates wanted several hundred bucks for their efforts. Come on, I wanted to say, my campaign goal is just four thousand dollars, why would I spend hundreds on the video when the Indiegogo experts say professional quality is not needed to have the desired effect.

I suppose we'll find out. As things went, my incredibly patient son became my cameraman and he spent quite a big chunk of time helping me nail down my message, which is about how I became a writer and my reason for launching a crowdfunding campaign.

I spent Sunday morning struggling to get my pitch out of my mouth and to people's ears without stumbling over every other word. While I'm no stranger to public speaking, the idea that every word would be frozen in the digital universe scared the hell out of me. 

After thirteen takes, we got a take that works. Yes, I stumbled over words but I was told that it makes me more human. And so far nobody's emailed to ask, "what were you thinking, posting that video?" However, one can never underestimate the muting power of good manners.

So on to the exciting news. Yesterday was the first day in business and by the end of today I am overjoyed to announce that the campaign already has ten contributors and is nine percent funded. After being open for business only two days.

Hell, yeah, I'm excited.

I expected the majority of contributions to go to the 400 Club, so they could get the finger. The premise behind the club is that if 400 people contribute $10 each, my campaign goal of $4000 will be reached. Maybe that was more for my benefit because small bites like that don't seem so impossible.

Today I've been using Facebook, Twitter and the power of my campaign team to bring traffic to the campaign. If it's not too much trouble, I'd be delighted if you shared this blog with your Facebook friends. I also invite you to visit the campaign site if just from curiosity. But a warning—if you visit and take time to read my story, you could find the prospect of toppling Goliath one book at a time too seductive to resist. :-)

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  1. This blog is fascinating. I can't wait to see what happened on your launch week. Thanks for keeping us updated.


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