Saturday, July 11, 2015

Crowdfunding Week 4 . . . Show Me the Money


This is the week I was supposed to start asking for money… I spent a full day writing a template for an email that my family and very close friends would send (for me) to their other family members and close friends – the ones I hadn't already asked. The deal here is to reach as wide an audience as you can. Like Twitter, it works on quantity more than quality.

But there has to be a certain kind of goodwill going on. If you walk up to someone on the street and asked them for ten dollars – well, that is begging. If however, you persuade them to go to your Indigogo campaign page and get the nifty foam finger for a mere ten dollars, while at the same time offering pricier more elaborate perks – well, that isn't begging, it's fundraising. Marketing. Bait and switch. Right? Can't get more twenty-first century than that. So, you might wonder, did I follow my own advice? Do I have perks that will make people want to shop in my particular Indigogo cube, as it were? Did I write a snappy, appealing pitch? Was I entertaining enough? Was I sincere enough?

Truth is, I have no idea. 

400 Club Perk - We give you the finger!

The campaign will begin with a soft launch on July 25. Two days later, will come the pushy launch. Where I've been advised to blast family and friends and even acquaintances with appeals to visit my Indigogo campaign site and leave some cash to help me reach my goal and also to draw attention to KNOW WHEN TO RUN and send it soaring up the bestseller ranks.

Will they come? Will the book rise? Only when I launch will I begin to have those answers. I still have a few more perks – several, actually – that need more beguiling copy from me. Am I up to the challenge? Only my potential contributors can tell me for sure.

Which is why this audience might just be the ones to ask. If you knew someone who was doing a campaign like this (oh wait, you do) and that person was pushing a romantic suspense entitled KNOW WHEN TO RUN, and had a heroine named Ky who has amnesia and was given a little pink derringer when she awoke from her coma . . . .  Well, would you find a replica of that little pink derringer appealing, especially if it came with some swag and a copy of the book?

Or how about having my next book dedicated to you. What if a character was named after you? What if you collaborated with me on writing a short story and got full credit? Are these perks interesting to somebody browsing a crowdfunding campaign?

Feedback so Appreciated

I  would really appreciate feedback on my questions. While I was to some degree venting because I'm reaching the scary part, it would help me to know what others think, Because here I am. I've written the first email and this following week I'll get to the rest. Next week I reach the point where I can no longer indulge in avoidance. Cheer me on, please. It will keep me from panicking.

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  1. I'm looking forward to following this blog. The details of the process are enlightening. Thanks for taking the time to share this information.

  2. Very interesting ideas! I don't think I could afford this (What if you collaborated with me on writing a short story and got full credit?), but what a unique idea!

    Here's my question and one that others may ask. How will the money you get from the crowdfunding be invested/spent for book marketing? Bookbub? Buying tweets? Splashy ads on popular websites (maybe even ads)? I like the foam finger. But how can that finger be incorporated into ad graphics, etc, so that things tie in? These are just sort of rhetorical questions at this point.

    I found your collaborative ghostwriting on a short story pretty intriguing. I wish my dance card wasn't so full because you can plot like crazy! (One of my weaker skills as a writer -- I am pretty good at character dialogue).

    Thanks for writing this series!

    1. Good questions that are answered on my Indiegogo campaign page, which includes my full budget, although it's not broken down into categories of ads. One thing for sure, I won't be using any of the free book sites, not even Book Bub because with few exceptions you loose money on every add. I'm looking at Kirkus and also at some pay per click sites like Goodreads. What I already do know is that I didn't ask for enough money. The collaboration wasn't meant as full credit in the sense that you mean,but more a co-writer thing, but you've given me food for thought. Thanks for your wonderful feedback. Thanks for cheering me on.

  3. I'm with Eve, plotting is one of my weaker skills. Great idea on the collaborative ghostwriting, and not one I've heard before.

    1. Thanks, Pam, for stopping in. I'm getting fonder of the ghostwriting idea than I even was when I came up with it. Your validation is a big help.

  4. I think the ghostwriting idea is FABULOUS! There are lots of places to get foam fingers, but collaboration with a real author is something most people could never afford -- and probably wouldn't even think of shopping for.

    I can see it working as a gift, like with all those authors who auction off "mention your name in my book" and people give those to friends for an anniversary or housewarming or whatever.

    For that matter, I can see it working for people who've actually tried writing a book and wound up baffled...this way they can feel like "see, all I needed was a little coaching!"

    Laurie, thinking that's the best marketing idea I've seen in ages :)

  5. Thanks,Laurie. It was kind of an off the cuff offer when I first thought of it, but as I gave it more thought I began to see that it really would be a 'gift.' even though it's a short story, not a book. I certainly agree the collaboration perk has more lasting impact than a foam finger but this finger has my campaign logo on it :-) plus membership in the 400 Club. It's aimed as amusement, more toward the reader than the writer and it is a fun thing that also brings back the original concept of crowdfunding: lots of people giving small amounts. I'm hoping that message comes across in the campaign material itself and encourages sharing of my campaign link.

    Thanks so much for commenting. Your opinion means a lot to me.


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