Monday, August 3, 2015

Crowdfunding 7 — The Realities of Launch Week & The 400 Club

The week started with a flurry of contributors and encouraging comments on my Indigogo crowdfunding site.  I was overwhelmed and humbled by their generosity. To have people step forward to help someone else reach an otherwise unreachable goal sent my belief in the goodness of human nature soaring. My thanks to every one of these contributors is boundless.

Campaign Contributors

Eve Paludan
Mikaela Quinn
Karen Walker
Mike Flynn
Connie Walker Gray
Laurie Fagen
Denise Domning
Kim Richards
Bryan Flynn
Daniel Zollo
Linda Style
Rick Walker
Ellie VandenBrink
Holly Thompson
Cathy McDavid 
Alicia Flynn 
Brandon Flynn
Bob Bleything
+Anonymous (5)
During this first week I tweaked the Indiegogo site, added pictures of possible interest to the gallery and continued to email potential interested contributors. As the week went on, contributions narrowed. According to Indiegogo this was to be expected but of course, being human, I had decided it wouldn’t happen to me. That led to a bigtime moment of RDD, a phrase I learned from Kristen Lamb, which means Reality Deficit Disorder. Of course activity will slow down – the shiny object moment is over.

At this stage Indiegogo suggests campaigners investigate doing press releases. They discouraged it for the launch unless you already have a press presence, reasoning that you want contribution traction on your site to give the press and bloggers something to write about. I’m looking into a service that hooks me up with media outlets that work with crowdfunding.

One thing that is growing clear is that I won’t be able to carry through on my resolution not to ask for money. Gentle hints in my tweets, newsletters, blogs and emails have been pretty much overlooked. I’ve changed my focus to a perk I named The Four Hundred Club. The early premise of crowdfunding was that large numbers of people made small contributions (thus the word ‘crowd’) so I decided to go ‘old school.’

3 Million Books in the Kindle Library 
My campaign goal is four thousand dollars. I will be spending most of it on advertising and having my reverted Harlequin backlist prepped for publication. Four thousand is a pretty good chunk of change except when it comes to advertising, but if members of The 400 Club come together as hoped and contribute a mere ten dollars per person we will fully fund the Create a Runaway Bestseller campaign and KNOW WHEN TO RUN will end up with the advertising it deserves. I invite you to join. Not only will you get a nifty certificate, you’ll get the finger and an eBook copy of KNOW WHEN TO RUN

I’ll be working very hard on this campaign because it’s already gone beyond  just being about me. If I don’t reach my funding goal, I’ll be disappointed, no question about it. But what bothers me more is that I’ll disappoint those people who kicked off this campaign with their time and money.

$10 x 400 = Funded Campaign
Am I sorry I got into this? Well, developing and guiding the campaign is a lot of work. But there are still more than thirty days left and who knows what’s ahead. So, no, I’m not sorry and I’ll leave that question for another week. Is this something you should undertake? Again, too early to tell, but if you’re thinking about it, I strongly advice you to do your homework. Check out the other crowdfunding platforms and the various crowdfunding support sites. Read, read, read on what works and doesn’t work. And be forewarned that crowdfunding is not a free ride.
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At the point I’m not sure what I’ll report next week. I have no idea what will happen. That’s part of what makes this process exciting. In the interest of being open and honest, I must confess that I've found most of this great fun and I expect the fun to continue. If you have questions about possibly doing your own crowdfunding campaign please use the comments function to ask because other visitors will probably also be interested. If you prefer to stay private, then just scroll down and click to my website, the email address is in the footer.

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  1. Ellie VandenBrink made a generous contribution, but was inadvertently left off the list. Huzzah Ellie, and many thanks!

    1. I will add her with my apologies. She didn't provide a name, only an email address, and was marked as anonymous so she was included in the anonymous contributors. She was sent a thank you note and I will be than happy to add her to the contributors list if that's what she chooses. Every contributor is highly valued and I apologize for the oversight. Let me know how to proceed.


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