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Crowdfunding Week 8 & 9 - Elbow-GreaseTime

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Successful crowdfunding takes a lot of work and is very full of ups and downs. Not that I hadn’t been warned or that I failed to take the warnings seriously, but they simply weren’t loud or often enough.

Somewhere around day twenty the slump I’ve mentioned hit our campaign. Part of it was a slowdown in contributions, the other was distractions in our daily lives.

I had agreed to teach a class for an online writing school and to launch a Twitter team to generate registrations for my Sisters in Crime Desert Sleuths writing conference. So as day twenty came and went I found myself swamped. I set down the blogs and missed two weeks. I didn’t tweak my funding campaign nearly enough, and I frequently chickened out on sending emails to long-lost friends.

This last slacking off ended up as a serendipity. Not only did it spur me to hire an outside company to send messages, it generated a heartwarming response from people I’d lost touch with years ago. Some of my former students told me how much I contributed to their lives and how happy they were to help. This, from Facebook folks, who have been so hounded to buy this and buy that.

This week I did the same thing with LinkedIn. Now in all fairness I haven’t stayed as in touch with LinkedIn as with Facebook. But so far this group has been unresponsive, and I’ve even had a few harsh rejections which didn’t happen with Facebook. However, I’m still glowing from the results of my Facebook mailing and by how many of my peers were more than generous.

Now here on my thirtieth day I’m running as fast as I can. Can I get closer to my original goal? At this stage it’s unlikely since so far I’ve generated twelve hundred and seventy-five dollars against a goal of four thousand. Still, the amount contributed will pay for most of my book conversions and possibly let me upgrade some software, so I’m farther ahead than I was when I launched.

Moreover, I am wildly grateful to everyone who supported me. The failure to reach the goal was frankly due to my ignorance. I had researched, yes, but hadn’t known I’d just scratched the surface. For instance, I hadn’t realized the impact of press releases – or even that I needed them at all.

There are ten days left. In the event of a miracle, I will do another post next Monday.

If not, I will do a wrapup when the campaign closes on September 3. I’ll share what I learned in hopes that the next crowdfunding writer will do a whole lot better than I have.

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