Monday, October 12, 2015

Introducing the Secrets Collection.

40 TONS OF TROUBLE finally back in print

 One of my most 

popular books 

Welcome to the first novel in the Secrets Collection, a series of six of my previously published novels. They will be reissued between four to six weeks apart and share one major theme. The characters harbor scrupulously guarded secrets which prove this axiom: Nothing Kills Love Faster Than Secrets.

The first release has my heroine, Cat DeAngelo, trucking down the highway and desperately trying to save her family's  business. She has a secret that she keeps even from herself. When it is complicated by the appearance of Ricky Steel and his quirky dog, LeClerc, then made more so by family intrigue and sinister rivals for her trucking line, love and happiness seem to be slipping between her fingers. Together she and Ricky fight these threats but it isn't easy when secrets wear you down and your home is 40 TONS OF TROUBLE.

The official launch date for 40 Tons is Monday, Columbus Day. What better day to introduce a woman who rolls on down the road than the holiday for a man who roamed the world and found America.

If you've already read this book, I'd sure appreciate a quick honest review. As you may know, books don't get off the ground very well until they have ten to twelve reviews. The reviews don't have to be long or even flattering, just your opinion, and I would very much appreciate your contribution.

40 TONS will be only 99c for a limited time. It is my hope that you'll find it such delightful, easy reading you'll be compelled to read the ones that will follow. Look for SHENANIGANS in mid-November.


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