Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hillary as President -- Not too Late

Put Hillary in the White House

The date to remember:  December 19, 2017

We have  34 days to petition the Electoral College to set aside Donald Trump as our President and award the election to the popular vote winner,  Hillary Clinton.  It can be done.  Although unprecedented, it's perfectly legal for the College to set aside the electoral votes in cases where the winner is deemed unfit to serve. It is a fail-safe measure and if ever it was needed, the time is now.

Lots of people say it still can't be done. It is a long shot, but if we don't sign the petition, which now has millions of signers, we will guarantee that the College won't act to stop Trump. 

This morning Obama told the nation to get over their disappointment and go forward. That was, I think, before Trump appointed a person with known ties to the KKK as his strategic advisor. He was speaking to the peaceful protesters and to everyone griping on Facebook I imagine. Respectfully, Obama is wrong.

 Do not stop asserting our rights as voters until December 20th, when the winner will be formally declared. To repeat myself, if we do nothing Trump will certainly become our president.

So sign the petition before it's too late.

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