Saturday, November 12, 2016

Who Hijacked Our President?

There's Still Something We Can Do

Our nation was hijacked last Tuesday by the Republican party and lost yet another chance to change our direction. I campaigned for Hillary and worked at the polls on election day. When I returned home, I’d planned to kick back with a cold drink and a snack to watch Hillary walk away with the presidency. I turned on the television and what I saw nearly caused me to throw up and knocked me right into the first stage of grief — denial. 

I went straight to bed, praying that I would awake to a late turnaround.  When I opened my newspaper the next morning the front page flashed Trump’s triumphant face. I was heartbroken (still am) and soothed myself by drawing horns on Donald’s evil visage and placing the page in my dog poop trash can. (Yes, I really did that – it was three days ago and the thought of him sitting beneath a pile of the same stuff he spews still soothes me.)  Of all the worthy opponents she could have lost to (or beaten), Hillary was somehow defeated by the most vulgar man in America.  Then things got worse. The protests began by lunch time in the west.

I have voted in every election since I was eligible to vote and there has never been a citizens’ protest over the results of a national election. NEVER. The closest we came was the 1968 protest at the Democratic National Convention, which never extended beyond Chicago although it was about ending the Vietnam war.

These current protests, which are going into their fourth day, are about a hijacked election. Hillary was the winner of the popular vote, by last count ahead of Trump by 1.5 percent AND there are millions of uncounted votes still out there in states like California, Washington, New York and more. These votes will probably go to Hillary.

So what? You might ask. The same thing happened with the George W. and Al Gore match-up. But that was about uncounted votes and was settled by the Supreme Court.
There’s nothing protesters can do now but march.
You’ve been told that once the Electoral College certifies that a candidate has reached the 270 benchmark their job is done, Not true. In fact the college members won’t vote until December 19 and they have the right to declare Donald as unfit to serve. It’s never been done but they do have that power, a part of the checks and balances our founding fathers built in to our political system. However, once Trump is confirmed, the only way to remove him from office is impeachment, no matter how badly he behaves.

Right now, there are petitions on the internet demanding that the College declare Trump as unfit and deliver the presidency to Hillary Clinton. Click here to add your name.  If you prefer not to endorse Clinton, then sign up for ‘anyone but Trump.’ Our job here is to disqualify Trump. The succession of power will take care of itself.

Here’s a picture to amuse you.
After you laugh, don’t forget to click on the link at the end.

Be sure also to click on the read me line on the sign-up blog and learn more about how the Electoral College works. This was one of those facts I don't remember from my civics classes.

If you are still undecided, remember that Trump declared he would not secede the election if he lost and that thousands of people are now marching in our city streets, protesting his election. Also, did you notice how Donald kept declaring the election was rigged by the Democrats. What if it really was rigged — in his favor — and he laughed all the way to the polls? 

Click here to stop Trump.


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